Sunday, November 11, 2018

About Us!

We are a team of loving, hardworking life savers!  We independently rescue dogs that need our help the most, whether they are paralyzed, tri-pods, injured or on the euthanasia list that day.  We focus on Texas, however have taken in dogs from anywhere if they need out help! 

Our team is incredible, patient, loving and experienced and always willing to help educate or help others with their special needs dogs! We have taken in and placed many paralyzed dogs in homes throughout the US and in Canada.  The joy we get from seeing the transformation of a street dog, dragging its lifeless body around to becoming vetted, on wheels and in a loving is just beyond anything we could verbally explain! 

WE independently rescue these dogs without any grants of funding.  We save them out of our own pockets and through the support of amazing people who donate and foster with us!  If you are looking to adopt, foster, donate or simply share....we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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  1. i just donated for Papi 22.06 . CAD thru paypal. my twitter is eab8810 i did not notate the donation was for Papi it was on a Vis . thanks Liz B